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EURMED » : Urbanisticke studije u mediteranskom regionu

EURMED » : Urbanisticke studije u mediteranskom regionu, koji nudi Univerzitet Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille (UPCAM), Universidad de Sevilla (US), Universita degli studi di Genova (USG)i Universidade tecnica de Lisboa (UTL).


The objective of the Eurmed Master’s Degree "Urban Studies in Mediterranean Regions", is to provide specialized higher education in sustainable development planning. The graduates will acquire the skills necessary to carry out studies and research on Mediterranean coastal regions where urbanization is spreading at an increased pace and where the hinterlands are in a transitional phase of development. The Eurmed consortium offers a highly interdisciplinary educational program comprising urban and rural planning, political sciences, sociology and regional studies, geography and history, as well as architecture.

The program covers a 4 semester period totalling 120 ECTS credits. The courses are taught in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. As many as 40 applicants, including 20 students at least coming from non-European countries (12 grants european studies for the not-european students and 8 grants european studies for the european students and not-european students), will be enrolled every year by the consortium. The first year will be dedicated to the fundamental principles of analysis (pre-application process) and regional projects (2x30 ECTS credits).

The third semester (30 ECTS credits) is based on specialization and will lead to the setting up of a common regional planning assessment.

The fourth semester (30 ECTS credits) will focus on the design of a regional project based on the ground work set out during the third semester and /or a personal dissertation, together with an internship period. All students are required to study in at least two institutions of the consortium which will grant a Master’s degree fully acknowledged by two or more Eurmed universities.

Applicants to the Eurmed Master’s Degree must have obtained a Bachelor’s degree or « Licence » (equivalent to 180 ECTS credits) in the fields of planning, architecture, geography, urban studies or any other study area acknowledged by the consortium. Applicants to the Technical University of Lisboa for semesters 3 and 4 will be required to have qualified in a technical field prior to application. All applicants must display a good command of at least two languages used within the consortium. They will be selected according to their past academic achievements and their ability to master the languages used in the course of the program.

Sve informacije mozete dobiti na slijedecim sajtovima :

Na francuskom : http://erasmus-mundus-eurmed.univ-cezanne.fr/

Na engleskom : http://erasmus-mundus-eurmed.univ-cezanne.fr/VersionAnglaise.htm

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